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Nayda Hands of Light Reiki have been offering Reiki treatments at the Leonard Florence Center for Living to individuals with MS and ALS. Sessions last from fifteen to twenty minutes.
 Reiki healing at LFCL
One of the residents wrote:
"I had been diagnosed with MS for nearly thirty years when I first began having Reiki treatments. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was a little concerned that it might get too hot, which would have been a disaster for me. Instead, what I discovered is that I felt totally relaxed, and areas that had been symptomatic before, no longer bothered me. In other words, if I had muscle strain, it was gone.
Perhaps most remarkable of all, was that the next morning, and most mornings after six months of these treatments, I was able to flex my right wrist where before, I had to use a wrist brace to prevent the wrist from contracting. Now, I can even straighten the fingers on both hands when they are curled. I can also raise my arm to my cheek to scratch an itch!
I am aware that other residents with MS have different issues. One man was having very weak coughing fits. Now his coughs sound much more 'productive'! There may be other things too subtle for me to notice, that may also have occurred. Only time will tell..."
                                                                                                                                    Andrea Solomon
The nurses report:
The benefits of Reiki treatments on these residents. They appear more relaxed after a Reiki treatment, sleep better and there are less requests for pain medications. Reiki treatments work.
Other testimonials:
"I went to see Nayda because after a bad experience I was having back and knee pain, also I was having difficulty sleeping. After one session of Reiki my pain was gone and I am able to sleep better and without nightmares."
                                                                                                                                    Marcella Munar
Nayda's healing hands saved me from getting a cortisone shot in my knee."
"I started experiencing severe pain eight months after surgery for a torn meniscus. I know the value and effectiveness of alternative forms of medicine (acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies) and was delighted to hear that my friend Nayda had become a Reiki practitioner."
 "Nayda's office in her home made me feel very comfortable, she answered my questions thoroughly and the subtle energy I felt through her hands was unlike anything I had undergone before. I felt relief after one session and then returned within three weeks for a final session."
 "I would highly recommend Nayda as a Reiki practitioner and will use her again when needed for other ailments because the knee pain is gone."
                                                                                                                                   Fran Roznowski
Iliona is a woman that lives in Sweden. She is fighting cancer. A cousin of mine asked me to sen distance Reiki for to Iliona. Iliona had been experiencing severe pain on her right leg. She could not be sitting or laying down for more that a few minutes at the time, the pain was less severe when standing up. She is undergoing treatment for her cancer and for pain management. She had been housebound due to her pain and the drowsiness from the pain madication.
After my cousin's request I sent distance Reiki to Iliona and after three sessions Iliona wrote to my cousin: "...I have a lot of energy and a positive attitude. I am grateful to your cousin (Nayda). Please let her know."
"Today I went shopping with S.M. I was enchanted with the warm of the sun and the breeze. I expect next week I will be able to resume my prior activities, as the exercises in the pool. I miss it."
"As you see I am in a way to recover." 
Two days later Iliona wrote to my cousin again to let her know she was planning to ravel to London to attend the wedding of her granddaughter.
My observation:
 A woman with MS having difficulty breathing, (usually her breathing is very fast and she feels short of breath) reports that after Reiki treatment her breathing slows down and she feels more comfortable.
My own experience:
 My husband broke one of his cervical vertebrae while braking branches on an uneven terrain. He fell face down, almost like diving on the ground. At the time I was unaware of what had happened, he just said: "I think I pulled a muscle on my neck and it is hurting badly." I( asked him if he wanted Reiki. I did Reiki on the back of his neck for about 20 minutes and he said the pain was gone. He went to sleep that night and around four in the morning he said the pain had come back and was really bad. I noticed a bruise on his forehead and asked him if he fell, he said he did. I rushed him to the hospital where they found the broken vertebra. Inmediatelly the immobilized his neck and the doctors were surprise the bones did not move after him being moving around and tossing in bed.
I am sure it was the Reiki healing power that kept the bones from moving. If  the bones had moved the spinal cord could be damage and he would paralyzed. The pain went away for a while, but it returned. Sometimes Reiki does that. The symptom is not alleviated because there is a more serious condition that needs immediate medical attention.
My aunt was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was told she had only isx months to live, was started on Hospice services and told that she might need blood transfusions at least once a month depending on her blood count.
 Her daughter called me and asked me to send Reiki to her mother. I did distance Reiki for about three times. This is three months ago. My aunt had been feeling well and her blood counts had been normal with not need for blood transfusions. the doctors do not hav an explanation for this.
Once more the Reiki healing power was experienced.
 Andrea one of the people affected with MS at the LFCL reported that she used to have flare-ups of her disease very often, but she did not have any since July, this is almost for two months. She has been receiving Reiki for several months now. Reiki works slowly on people with chronic illnesses but with time you see results.
Steven, who is a ALS patient, when asked to describe how Reiki was helping him he said "It helps me to relax and to be less afraid."
More testimonials:

 Fran Roznowsky wrote:

 Another successful experience with Nayda's Reiki and healing hands! A few years ago I wrote my first testimony about the benefit of using Reiki from Nayda on my knee with a very painful torn meniscus post surgery.
 I returned to Nayda few weeks ago after spending 10 days with my father who was rushed to the emergency room with a serious diabetic condition. He was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, medical hospital ward and sent to a rehabilitation hospital. 
Everyday was filled with multiple stressors an tensions. I was exhausted every evening but some nights I was unable to sleep because I had vivid images of my father screaming in pain as he had done with me during the day. 
I scheduled an appointment with Nayda for a Reiki session to prepare me to return to work because I was depleted. I work in a school system with very young children with significant emotional problems. The teachers rely on me to observe the children, model effective teaching practices and offer strategies to use with the children. Following the time with my father, my energy and creativity were drained.
 The Reiki session with Nayda restored my sense of balance and my spark returned. I noticed a difference inmediately and felt as if I could face any challenge tha came my way. In addition, the next day, a co-worker commented on the familiar spirited rhythm that she heard in my step as I ascended the stairs to our office. This sense of wellness continues several weeks later.

                                                                                                            Fran Roznowsky
Nayda Hands of Light Reiki, Winthrop, MA