Nayda Hands of Light Reiki - Reiki the healing art.
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                Nayda Hands of Light Reiki treatments and classes offered in Winthrop. MA 
                                                              By phone: 617-784-6379
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                                                                                    Half  hour treatment $ 35.-
                                                                                    One hour treatment $ 60.-
                                                                                        Distance Reiki $ 30.-
               Do you know that Reiki can be sent from a distance no matter how far you are and it is as                                                                                  effective as Reiki done hands on?

                                                       See our Events page for Reiki clases schedule
I hope you will take advantage of this natural energy healing art and book a Reiki treatment session.
Nayda Hands of Light Reiki, Winthrop, MA