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                                                         REIKI CLASSES
                                                            REIKI ONE
                         A two day class according to Hawayo Takata's tradition.
                                        Usually given during a weekend.
                                       We will schedule it upon request.         

                                                                  In this class you will learn:
               The history of Reiki in the tradition of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi and
                Hawayo Takata            
               The 5 Usui Principles, which are the essence of Reiki spirituality.
               The relationship of negative emotions and physical illness and how to
               correct this with Reiki.
               A review of basic anatomy of our body organs.
              To scan the body for weakness and energetic needs.
              The basic and intuitive hands placements. 
              Self Reiki
              You will be introduced to the Chakras and the three diamonds.

              You will learn the Gassho meditation.
              You will receive hand notes.
              You will be attuned to the Reiki energy over the course of two days
              (following the teachings of  Hawayo Takata) so that your energy system is
              given time to adjust gradually to the 4 attunements.    
After receiving the attunements all you will have to do is just  place your hands on yourself or others and let the energy flow.
 You will have plenty of time to practice a complete
 Reiki session.
    At the end you will receive a Certificate.
CEU's are available for nurses.
   The fee for this two days class is $150,-
A non refundable deposit of $50 is required. 
See Paypal bottom at the foot of this page.
 We offer  Reiki shares for you to have the chance to practice your new learned skills. 

To enroll in this class please call 617-784-6379 or email 

A two day class.
Usually given in a weekend.
We will schedule it upon request.

Certification on Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki One required

A two day class according to Hawayo Takata's tradition.

It is suggested that you practice Reiki One at least for three months before taking Reiki Two

In this class you will learn

             We will review Reiki One knowledge.

             You will learn three symbols which will:
                                                             Empower your Reiki.
                                                             Enable you to treat mental emotional problems.
                                                             Enable you to do Reiki from a distance.

            You will learn a technique to open the chakras before a Reiki session.

            You will learn how to use Reiki to manifest goals. How to go back in time to                     heal situations from the past as well as how to send Reiki to future situations.

           You will learn one of the important Reiki meditations (Hatsurei-ho).

          You will have plenty of time to practice these techniques.

         You will receive 2 more attunements to allow you to use the symbols in your   

                                      You will receive your Reiki two certificate.

                                           The fee for this 2 days class is $300.- 

                                       To enroll in any of these classes please

or call 617-784-6379 
A nonrefundable deposit of $ 50 is required
 Directions to the events will be given to individual participants either by phone or email, thank you.